Before There was Rosalyn – The Fuhrer


written by Brandon Ryan

One thing is for sure, I will never discredit the boys in Before There Was Rosalyn for being passionate about sharing their faith and spiritual beliefs with crowds across the country. I just finished listening to their debut album: The Fuhrer- An Allegory of a History of deception, and after listening to it in full, I found it painful to listen to. In all honesty this album sounded so generic and lacked anything authentic. The first two songs I hated simply because they were both so very formulaic. Scream a verse, then a chorus, and next toss in a breakdown. I’ve heard this before, over and over.

Even though the guitars and drums sound amazing on this record, that’s about the only thing that stood out to me. Okay the art work is pretty stellar looking, so two things. Something that really got under my skin I noticed when reading the lyrics, that lead vocalist Carlos Salazar, skips over words in the songs. This is something that can be tolerated in live shows, but not on a debut CD from Victory Records. The worst moment on this album is the song The Prophet, which is actually a revised version of the song, They Laughed at Jules Verne, off the bands 2009 EP. The song needed to be left alone; the remake simply left a bad taste in my mouth. As I stated before, I love these guys, but this effort was lack luster at best. Better luck next time guys.

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