Automatic Loveletter – The Kids Will Take their Monsters On

Juliet Simm’s (lead singer of Automatic Loveletter) voice is so perfect after one listen to the new Auotmatic Loveletter acoustic album, “The Kids Will Take their Monsters On”, you’ll be telling all your friends.

I was excited to hear the new Automatic Loveletter (Paper + PlastickRecords) record, “The Kids Will Take their Monsters On.” There last few releases were full of raw energy with angry vocals and I was ready to see what it would sound like stripped down.

It opens with the slow track, Never take it off, which reminds me of an ode to Fleetwood Mac. It’s short and clocks in at only 1:15. It’s a great way to an begin album and instantly draws a listener in.

Track 2, Save me, brings about the classic sound and lyrics that a listener has grown to love with Automatic Loveletter (Paper + Plastick Records). The lyrics are about a battle between good and evil and dealing with the idea of needing to be saved from the trouble we regularly get ourselves into.

“Save me, Save me I think I’m crazy, Save me Save me I think I’m breakin, am I going crazy, should anyone help, I must be out of mind, cause I’m not right, oh I’m not ok ‘cause I’ll never see the light”

These lyrics show that Juliet Simms is searching to get more out of life and the reality is we all need to escape our demons and get our acts together. So thanks Juliet Simms for bringing us to a place of honest reality in your lyrics.

Black Ink Revenge grabbed my attention right away. Its simple beginning immediately made me want to hear the rest. She calls out the east coast boys and lets them know that on the west coast we follow our dreams. Her vocal range is really displayed on this track. The chorus is chalked full of raw emotional power that reminds me in a weird way to the early Dashboard Confessional songs. The bridge stands out and may just be the best bridge on “The Kids Will Take their Monsters On.” It builds from slow and soft to an onslaught of dueling vocals brought by Juliet Simms. This is also my favorite track on “The Kids Will Take their Monsters On.” .By the end of track 3 I can tell that Automatic Loveletter (Paper + Plastick Records) has put out one of the best acoustic albums of 2011.

Carry the Fire is mellow and makes you feel like you’re sitting in a coffee shop as Juliet Simms is playing in the background. Once again the range of her vocals is displayed in perfection. I hope to catch her play this one at Warped Tour this summer as she will be on the tour playing acoustically.

Track 7, Cruel Cruel, is piano driven and a pleasant surprise. One might think that a piano driven track might not bring Juliet Simm’s raw vocals into play but it definitely does. The ending has a soft electric guitar in the background that gives it an overall eerie ending. I like it.

The Kids Will Take their Monsters On, ends with a track titled The Curtain Close. I think the title fits the track perfect and Automatic Loveletter (Paper + Plastick Records) could not have closed out the record with a better song. The lyrics “The kids will take their monsters on with all swords drawn will show them all” sums this record perfect. I wouldn’t be surprised if Juliet Simms closes out every Automatic Loveletter (Paper + Plastick Records) acoustic set with this song.

Overall Automatic Loveletter’s record “The Kids Will Take their Monsters On” is full of raw power, story driven lyrics, and an overall sense that life is battle and we have to take it head on. The production quality is great and the vocals easily captivate a listener. If you’re an Automatic Loveletter (Paper + Plastick Records) fan than this is a must have. If this is the first time you’ve heard of Automatic Lovetter (Paper + Plastick Records) than this is the perfect release to be introduced.

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  1. beth says:

    I also live in aus, massive fan 🙂
    I bought the truth or dare cd off of 🙂
    it’s very hard to find ALL in store though! :/

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