As Cities Burn – Hell or High Water


written by Brandon Ryan

I think I just listened to one of the greatest albums ever made. Please understand that I’ve never used these words my entire life of being a lover of music. That was until I listened to As Cities Burn third record- “Hell or High Water”. This album was released on Tooth and Nail records and produced by Aaron Weiss of the ever popular band Me Without You. To describe this record, I wanna use the word: Evolution. It’s a word that is hardly used in my vocabulary for some reason, but at this very moment it just seems to fit. Hell or High water carries the same beautiful guitar tones as the bands previous effort “Come now Sleep”. But on songs such as “Petty” it carries a resemblance to Jimmy Hendrix. On another tracks such as Lady Blue it kinda reminds me in very small ways of something written by The Killers. This is an album that has so much depth to it. My favorite lyric on the album reads something like this:
“If we’re the body, how’d a pretty man get so ugly? How’d he get so many spaces in his limbs?”

I would argue this is a reference to there being so much separation amongst Christ’s Followers. There is great spiritual depth on this record. Its deeply drawing and refreshing. As Cities Burn will gladly gain a whole legion of fans with Hell or High Water. Everything is solid! Production from start to finish, solid! Artwork, solid! On a scale of one-ten, this album gets a huge, well deserved ten!

As Cities Burn is:

Cody-vocals, guitar

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