All American Rejects – When the World Comes Down

photo by Rhino

Written by Nate Smith

With so much music out there these days it’s easy to forget about the bands you used to love. I now present you with a journey through “When the World Comes Down” by the All American Rejects.

The snow was 10 inches deep. No make that 12 inches. I’m not really sure as I’m stuck somewhere in the middle of Oklahoma in a 91 Toyota Previa Van. I dictate this on my recorder as it may be my last words. The gas ran out days ago and I can only feel the heater in my mind. I’m eating my last piece of beef jerky that I was saving.

I had only a portable cd player with the new All American cd to keep me company.
I couldn’t feel my fingers. I was almost out of Jack Daniels, the only thing that was giving me any warmth. As Damn girl played on in my discman I was taken back to just a week before. I walked out on my girlfriend of 4 years, hopped in my van and started driving toward Mexico. I figured, once there I could eat tacos, drink beer, and start a new life.

I had been learning Spanish from the cassette that was stuck in my tape player. Oh its so cold. I should have packed gloves in the car as my mom always told me to do during the winter. I am full of regret right now. I should have done this; I should have done that. Oh Mona Lisa your lyrics and music are warm to my ears in my cold broke down van. I never will be married, I’ll never finish college, I’ll never… see the sun again. I wish the snow would stop.

“You can save us sadly when the world comes down” Those lyrics in Mona Lisa are so comforting as I can’t be saved now. I’ll die alone. I wish someone was next to me but I’m here with this stupid recorder I bought in college to further my learning. I knew I should not have smashed my cell phone against the wall when I walking out on my girlfriend. Here’s to a good life!!

The last shot of Jack tastes so bitter; just like my life. I can see it flashing before my eyes. I’m fading quickly….. The music is barely audible.. My vision is going, my eyes are getting blurry. The will to live is caught in the thought of dying. If someone gets this message. Im sorry Sara… On my grave please put this… “What’s the point if the feelings gone.. I can see you in a silhouette…breakin’s what your heart is for” – Breakin – All American Rejects.

Will somebody save me? This is the end…..

The new All American Rejects album is a great Christmas Present for any music fan. Everyone should go out and buy it as a Christmas gift for themselves today. The music will keep you rocking through the new year!!

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