Abandon All Ships – Geeving


Reviewed by Nate Smith

Abandon All Ships brings it heavy. This album can be summed up that one word. These guys are young and talented at what they do. The 3nd track, “Megawacko 2.1,” mixes some aspects of pop music, double bass drum, and screaming vocals. I am willing to bet that somewhere inside of these guys they may have a deep down secret love for Pop music. At 2:03 this song hits the pinnacle and nails the coffin shut. This song should be all over the radio.

“When Dreams Become Nightmares,” hits like a hurricane. The metal is brought in this song. There is also the background sound of a symphony floating about throughout this track. It’s refreshing to know that an orchestra can participate in some metal madness. The influences are all over the place in this song but at one point it reminds me of METROID theme song from the original Nintendo.

“Heaven” is my favorite song on the record. The digital synthesizer is the driving force behind it and carries the song most of the way. The gang vocals come in before we ever hit the chorus. That seems to be rare these days and I love it. While listening to this track it’s a requirement to pump your fist into the air. At 1:37 all hell breaks loose with a dance beat that leads it right back into the heaviness that’s a theme throughout Geeving. The girl vocals were an unexpected treat in this track and go perfect with the overall theme of a guardian angel that the song presents in the lyrics.

They close the album just as strong as they begin with “Take One Last Breath”; These guys never stop bringing the rock. They have great lyrics, strong vocals, dance beats, breakdowns. A little bit of everything I want to hear. Overall their young, talented, and I can only imagine what the live show looks like. Judging by their band photo they’ll come out dressed in black, rock my butt off, and leave me wanting more.

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