We Came As Romans Interview with Andy Glass


Nate Smith interviews Andy Glass, bassist of We Came as Romans

Enoch Magazine ) Who was an influential person in your life that exposed you music or playing music?

Andy ) I would have to say a lot of my friends I went to school with. Back in 6th or 7th grade, we had all started skateboarding and the music just kind of came along with it. Another big influence would have to be my Dad – he took me to see Rush which was my first concert ever so he definitely played a huge role in entering music into my life.

Enoch Magazine ) Tell us about the writing process and band practice. What do both of these things look like?

Andy ) Basically what happens is Josh, our guitarist, will write a song on a program we use called Tabit. Then we all sit down together and do some restructuring of the song till we are all satisfied with the final piece of music. This process does take a long time and some changes are even made last minute when we are in the studio. So our songs evolve a tremendous amount to virtually have everyone in the band be content and happy with the songs.

Enoch Magazine ) It seems a new band is presented to us every month that looks and sounds the same. What sets you apart and makes you different?

Andy ) I think what sets WCAR aside from other bands would have to be the purpose and meaning behind the writing. All of our music is based of the idea of love and loving each other. We strive to become a band with a message. We also branch out in a lot of different levels in our sound, utilizing different instruments and sounds that gives WCAR a characteristic that not a lot of other bands have.

Enoch Magazine ) Depression is a major factor in so many high school kids lives? What would be your advice for these kids and have ever struggled with this?

Andy ) I think everyone has struggled with depression or has had to battle something in there life that wants to hold them down. I know for me, music was such a good escape, I think high school becomes very overwhelming on so many levels, kids need something to escape. The best advice I could give would be to just not let anyone tell you you can’t do something, or you can’t pursue your dream. Find out what really moves you or inspires you and embrace it. There are so many people out there that will label you or put you in a status but at the end of the day, you are who you are you can’t abandon that. Do what makes you happy and let no one tell you differently.

Enoch Magazine ) Our magazine just moved to Los Angeles to work with the homeless on Skid Row. If you don’t know Skid Row is a 9 by 9 block where it’s estimated 15,000 to 20,000 homeless live. Have you had any experiences with the homeless and what can people do to help the homeless?

Andy ) When I was younger, I went to Mexico and did missionary work to help build a house for homeless people. It such an eye-opener for me just to see the amount of poverty in one area. Honestly, the best thing you can do is get involved with an organization that helps the homeless, whether its with a school, church, or non-profit. I believe if you devote yourself to helping others in this world, it will carry you a long way.

Enoch Magazine ) Often in America we have religion pushed upon us but these are the very same people aren’t living what they preach. Jesus often spoke about this in the Bible. What’s your perception of Jesus and how did you arrive at it?

Andy ) I personally am a believer in the Lord. I think, if you really want to seek out answers about God or religion then you should make it a point to pursue it and learn. People may seem hypocritical at times, but no one is perfect. We can strive to be loyal and practice what we preach. Too many people get caught up in passing judgment but what we have to realize is that there is only one judge and that’s the Lord. I think we were put on this earth to love each other and to understand how to love as the Lord did unto us. That’s why our band writes about love enduring all things, the same message God wanted all of us to hear. Our band’s not a Christian band but there are some Christians in the band and we all agree on writing about one thing that will never create segregation and that is to write about love. I believe an open mind and an open heart will come together creating the ultimate form of love.

Enoch Magazine ) I’m always hearing about the power of prayer and I believe in it. Do you guys believe that prayer actually is a means to communicate with God why or why not?

Andy ) I think prayer is an amazing thing, and I personally believe in the healing power of prayer and its the best way to reach out and talk to God. . I personally have a prayer book, I bring it on tour and I write down kids names in it that I meet and that need prayer.

Enoch Magazine ) What is an issue or a life question you’ve been wrestling with to determine an answer.

Andy ) Honestly, I haven’t had any huge life questions lately that I have been really determined to answer. I mean, I think everyone is always seeking answers all the time and it will never stop, but if I had to wrestle an issue I’d have to say always maintaining a balance in my life. I think its unhealthy to have too much of one thing and not enough of another. If you don’t have balance… you will fall.

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  1. Matthew says:

    What a great interview. May I plz be allowed to say I’m greatful for the music! Let me add the testimony was refreshing. No matter what you have or what you do, w/o love it’s nothing! Oh, and plz don’t be afraid to use the name of Jesus! He is our Lord! The son of GOD! It is the only name by which we can be saved! Say it loud and proud! Jesus!

  2. Dalton says:

    thought what they said was great. I am a strongly believe in jesus and hop to tell as many people as possible and we came as romans really inspires me. so thank you wcar.

  3. tryzinpew says:

    ♥oh I loveeee you Andy. #WCAR I’m not afraid or ashamed to take the name of the #LORD #JESUS nomatter what people think of me….mwaaaaaah #Broken Statues is just more then the word amazing and I just can’t get enough of it mwaaaaaaaah

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