Underoath Interview with James Smith


Brandon Ryan interviews James Smith guitar player of Underoath

Enoch Magazine ) Would Underoath ever consider switching record labels? (Preferably bigger on a mainstream level)

James : I don’t think any of us are against any kind of record label. It all comes down to whether or not a label would let us operate Underoath the way we always have. We look for people who are supportive of our creative quest in music letting us operate with no boundaries. So anyone who believes in that is good with us.

Enoch Magazine ) Has Underoath ever had a near death experience on the road? If so please share.

James : The only thing that is coming to mind is playing on the Mayhem Festival last summer while a thunderstorm was coming in. Half way through our set lighting struck about 30 ft from the stage. The PA surged and everyone wet themselves. It was pretty intense.

Enoch Magazine ) If Underoath could tour with any band, who would it be and why?

James : That honestly varies person to person in our band. My pick would be the Foo Fighters I think.

Enoch Magazine ) Does it get lonely ever on the road? If so, what do you do pursue happiness on the road?

James : I don’t know if lonely ever happens since we are a band and crew of 12 people. If anything it’s quite the opposite. We all have friends and families back home and homesickness settles in the most often in the UO camp.

Enoch Magazine ) Where do you see Underoath in 5 years?

James : I have no guess honestly. Five years ago I would never picture us here today. I hope we are still making music that is creative and different from what we have done in the past.

Enoch Magazine ) If someday you have grand kids and they ask you about
Underoath what would you share with them?

James : I would tell them about the places I have been and the experiences with the people I have met. Things are quite different outside of America.

Enoch Magazine ) How does the band bring God into their daily lives as a group?

James : We are all Christians so we all have that personal relationship for God. When we come together we are like minded individuals with a purpose and a goal. Before we play we always ask God to use this platform and position to have a positive effect on the people we are playing for.

Enoch Magazine ) What can you say about this new movement of adapting Christ to ones life, rather than attempting to change ones life to more reflect Christ’s? Are we blurring the line of right and wrong?

James : I’m not too familiar with this movement you are referring too. I think all Christians should try and live as much as Christ every day. We will all fail and sin but we should still strive to live and have a mind set like Christ did.

Enoch Magazine ) Is there a spiritual or cultural issue that you are currently concerned with and/or speaking out about? If so, how did it become an issue of interest in your life and where are you currently at with it?

James : At this time I personally don’t have any involvement with any particular issue in a public way. I believe Aaron at this time is involved with Invisible Children and doing a lot of benefit stuff for them.

Look for Underoath on the Warped Tour this summer. You can watch there new video here

You can watch there new video here

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