The Almost with Aaron Gillespie


Brock West interviews Aaron Gillespie from The Almost

Enoch Magazine ) I really enjoy the new album. I can’t seem to stop listening to it. Can you tell us a little
bit about the title track “Monster Monster” and what it’s about?

Aaron ) Thanks!!! the track, “monster, monster” is a track about the darkness in all of our lives, and how we are searching and prying to get it out in the open and become free from it

Enoch Magazine ) How did your approach with recording and writing Southern Weather differ from Monster Monster?

Aaron ) The approach was very different in the sense where, we were a full band this time as apposed to just me on southern weather a few years ago. It was super refreshing to have the talent of these dudes at the helm writing and playing. i truly believe it made for a much better product.

Enoch Magazine ) What is your favorite track on the new album and Why?

Aaron ) A song called, “hand grenade” ; it really has a country tinge to it and i really love it. I grew up predominately listening to country and western music, and this track came unexpectedly and gave us a sense of being connected with a bit of our past. I really am proud this song came from us.

Enoch Magazine ) Enoch Magazine has been working on a documentary about the homeless on Skid Row in Downtown Los Angeles. What are your views on homelessness and can you share some experiences you’ve had with the homeless while on tour?

Aaron ) It’s truly a hard thing to understand I think for anyone who has not been there. I really feel bad at my judgmental emotions towards the homeless from time to time. Sometimes I honestly think first about what they are gonna do with the money as apposed to how badly they truly need it. I feel in my own life its more important to just be helpful without reason as apposed to trying to understand their situation.

There are so many circumstances that i have seen on the road and i feel like my recap of them wouldn’t do them justice.

Enoch Magazine ) A lot of the homeless are at the lowest point of their life but they seem to claim Jesus as their savior. What is your perception of Jesus and how did you get that perception?

Aaron ) It’s completely true to me that Jesus was and is friend to the downtrodden, to the hurt and abused. I feel with my whole heart that becoming completely broken as a human always points us towards the cross. When we are broken we lose faith in our own design and truly look for God. Jesus to me is everything, he is absolute grace, truth and peace and the fact that we can’t see him makes it all the more real to me.

Enoch Magazine ) Do you have a band pastor or someone who teaches you on the road since you can’t always be home on Sundays?

Aaron ) No but I wish, we have a friend named Chip Harbin who is a pastor and comes out regularly, but definitely not every week.

Enoch Magazine ) Do you consider your band a ministry? If so, what is the goal of it and who is your target crowd?

Aaron ) Yes we do, and I think our goal is let people know they are loved by Christ regardless of how they feel about the person of Jesus and that even when they disagree its cool, they are still loved

Enoch Magazine ) Your doing a contest right now where your going to make dinner for the winner at The Capitol Records Tower in Los Angeles. How did this contest come about and where did your passion for cooking come from?

Aaron ) Just a silly idea really that we thought would be super fun. As for the cooking thing I started looking at the cooking channel like ten years ago and became hooked and the rest is sorta history

Enoch Magazine ) Who are the favorite bands to tour with and why?

Aaron ) Taking Back Sunday, Norma Tean, This Providence, too many to count!!touring with a bands that you know is always the best, its like a large prolonged hangout and being with people you know and love is always a plus

Enoch Magazine ) I hear touring bands complain about eating pizza every night. What is your favorite meal on the road?

Aaron ) Pizza does get old, and it makes me fat so i definately. get tired of it, but as for me i love good fallafel and a good salad. Also I like tuna melts. I like pretty much anything besides fast food and beets

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