12 Stones

Nate Smith Interviews Guitarist John Rimmer

Enoch Magazine) Where does the influence for the music and lyrics of 12 stones come from?

Justin: All of the songs come from different places actually. Most are from different experiences we’ve encountered through the years. Some are from relationships, some from heart ache and some just from living life. A lot of the songs on this last album came from me, Paul and Skidd ( the co producer of this album) just sitting down in a room and writing. We wrote for quite a few months everyday in a studio in Memphis before recording them.

Enoch Magazine) Depression is major factor in so many high school kids lives? What would be your advice for these kids and have ever struggled with this?

Justin: I think we all experience some sort of depression in our daily lives. Especially in such a learning point in our lives like high school. Everything seems like it’s such a big deal when you’re in high school, but in actuality most of what is going on is never going to matter when you get out of school. My advice is to stay focused, driven and goal oriented. It’s so easy to get caught up in all the clicks that come with high school. Be yoursef. Follow your heart. And stay true to yourself.

Enoch Magazine) I’m always hearing about the power of prayer and I believe in it? Do you guys believe that prayer actually is a means to communicate with God why or why not?

Justin: I personally pray everyday. Whether it’s just to get me safe to the next city or praying for someone I know that may be going through a very trying time in their life. For me the power of prayer is strong.

Enoch Magazine) What’s an up and coming band that you like? Why?

Justin: There’s so many, it’s hard just to pick one. Really love the Sick Puppies latest album. The songwriting is amazing. There’s a band on tour with us called Royal Bliss right now that is really up and coming. Check em out!!

Enoch Magazine) As you tour a lot I am sure you see that Homelessness in America is a real problem. How do you feel about homelessness and can you remember any specific experiences with the homeless you may have had?

Justin: We do see it everyday actually. I don’t like seeing it. But I also believe that a lot of these people just don’t care enough to get up and do something about it. If you’re physically and mentally able to go out and hold a job and take care of yourself, then you should. I personally have a homeless friend that I talk to almost everyday on the phone for the last 10 years. He calls just to check on me everyday to make sure I have made it to the next city. It’s truly unbelievable. His outlook on life is one that most of us could never hope for. He is diseased in quite a few ways and unable to hold a job, but his spirit on life is a big lesson for all of us.

Enoch Magazine) The prices of gas are rising quickly. Would you ever consider touring in a vegetable powered van or bus? Why or Why Not?

Justin: I would love to. I’m all about any ways to cut down on gas usage.

Enoch Magazine) What was your high school experience like? Would you do again if you could?

Justin: My high school experience had lots of ups and downs. I was def. not the role model student by any means. I always played in bands and was very driven to get out of school and go to music college. I went through lots of hard times and got through them and stayed focused. I don’t think I would change anything about my experience because it got me exactly where I want to be. Bottom line for me is, no matter how hard things may seem, they’re going to get better and you’re going to get through the tough times. Stay focused and driven!!

Enoch Magazine) If you could play music in a dream band who would it be and why?

Justin: I would have to say my dream band has always been Metallica. They’ve always been such a huge influence on me and gotten me through tough times. I would love to rock with them someday!!

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