Ludo Interview with Tim Convoy

Nate Smith interviews keyboardist Tim Convoy

Enoch Magazine ) What are some of your favorite tv shows, podcasts, or movies that you enjoy and why?

Tim Convoy : On TV I like, The Shield, The Office, and Mad Men. As far as podcasts, there’s a band called Tally Hall that has the most amazing internet show EVER.

Enoch Magazine ) If you could open up for your favorite band who would it be and why?

Tim Convoy : It’s a tough question, but we fantasize a lot about opening up for bands like Ween, Weezer, and They Might Be Giants.

Enoch Magazine ) Are your morals and values ever challenged on the road? What did you base your morals and values on?

Tim Convoy : Most my challenges on the road involve finding a place to do laundry, or finding someone else to do my laundry, or finding a place for someone else to do my laundry. Morally, having someone else do my laundry can be challenging, but i persevere.

Enoch Magazine ) Faith seems to an important thing in so many peoples lives. What is your perception of Jesus and how did you get that perception

Tim Convoy : Wow! That’s a BIG one! I think a person’s faith, spirituality, religion, etc is something that should constantly evolve and grow as any person hopefully evolves and grows. I think there’s nothing more important than not only tolerating, but respecting other people’s points of view on those topics. Even between the 4 members of Ludo, we certainly believe very different things but absolutely respect each other’s beliefs!

Enoch Magazine ) Where did your inspiration come from that led you to play keyboard?

Tim Convoy : I guess it was necessity as much as inspiration, Tim and Andrew needed a keyboard player, so i dove in! I think i was always passionate about the moog though, especially from bands like Weezer and The Rentals that i listened to growing up, and then a lot of moog-heavy classic rock stuff i got into from there.

Enoch Magazine ) Our magazine is doing a clothing drive for the homeless who live on Skid Row in Los Angeles right now. Have you had any experiences with the homeless and what do you think a person can do to help with this epidemic.

Tim Convoy : We’ve been fortunate enough to work with a charity called LiveFeed to help raise money to feed the homeless. Through our work with them we’ve learned a ton about just how bad the problem is, and how just a little bit can go a long way towards helping people. You can check out their site at

Enoch Magazine ) If ludo broke up tomorrow and you had to get another job. What would you do and why?

Tim Convoy : On TV I like, The Shield, The Office, and Mad Men. As far as podcasts, there’s a band called Tally Hall that has the most amazing internet show EVER.

Enoch Magazine ) In good will hunting, You say the girl has an Oompa Loompa problem. What does that mean to you?

Tim Convoy : It’s actually “Oompa Loompa monkey problem.” It’s an issue that affects millions of Americans each year.

Enoch Magazine ) Warped tour has been compared to a circus or a traveling carnival. What was your warped Tour experience like?

Tim Convoy : I would liken it to a circus, or a traveling carnival. …it was definitely one of the best experiences we’ve had a as a band. We would knew it would be fun, but it was better than we expected. We played to tons of people, made tons of friends, and have stories i’ll be telling for the rest of my life.

Enoch Magazine ) St Louis is considered the gateway to the west. What are your favorite parts of St Louis and do you consider yourself a Cardinals fan?

Tim Convoy : I guess my favorite part of St. Louis is that it’s home. i was born here, and have lived here almost my entire life. Favorite parts would be the Loop, Soulard, the Central West End, and Kirkwood where i grew up. I’m absolutely 100% a Cardinals fan.

Enoch Magazine ) There has been much talk about your former bassist, Marshall, Are you sad about his loss from the band?

Tim Convoy : Absolutely. We all are. You don’t expect things like this to happen and it really sucks, but we’re trying to focus on the future and all the positive things ahead.

Enoch Magazine ) I like to cruise around whole foods and eat a bunch of samples of soup, and then i hit the olive bar. I once took my senior editor along on this journey for the free meal. Do you have any shady moves or rituals you like to pull and why?

Tim Convoy : Hmmm…. not really. But back in the day we spent full days at CiCi’s Pizza buffet.

Enoch Magazine ) Does Ludo ever go to guitar center and rock out on silly instruments while you are on the road and what is the current gear you are using?

Tim Convoy : No, not really….maybe we should. I currently play a Moog Voyager and an Alesis Q series keyboard. And from time to time a melodica and glockenspiel.

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