Interview with Joey Cape


Enoch Magazine )You’ve been a band a long time. How has your friendship, music, and outlook on music changed since you started? What advice do you have for kids starting a band today?

Joey ) Please don’t. Ha ha. No, but I would advise someone to make sure they are actually deeply interested in all that is involved and they know they are passionate about music. There are too many musicians that look at music as math or freedom and are not all that moved by it’s melody and dynamic. Fortunately now there is less allure in that industry to those just looking for a free party. Music ideally, is for artist and it’s proprietors should be held to high standards of conviction. But I always felt this way. What’s changed is now I have lower expectations of people and the world and don’t really care. Ha ha. I have always been introverted but now my focus is solely self indulgent.

Enoch Magazine ) The process of writing lyrics for every person is different. How does writing lyrics for your solo stuff change from writing lyrics for Lagwagon?

Joey ) It doesn’t or hasn’t changed. It’s all for the same muse, my life experience.

Enoch Magazine ) In terms of writing music, can you do it anywhere, or do you need a specific place and some structure to write a great song?

Joey ) I can do it anywhere, but I of course prefer be alone. Solitude allows deeper personal revelation and reflection?

Enoch Magazine ) In the Punk Rock Community there is numerous amounts of kids that choose the homeless lifestyle. How do you feel about homelessness and can you remember any specific encounters you have had with the homeless?

Joey ) Well, there is homeless and there is homeless. I do not consider couch surfing from Punk house to punk house homeless. Where I grew up in California, there are an exceptional amount of actual homeless people mostly due I suppose, to the somewhat even climate. They always beg questions, what happened to that poor soul? What was his or her path like. They once had a mother, a father. They were once innocent, pure, and untainted. They had a chance, hope and possibility. Do they still? Of course I think it’s terribly sad and disturbing. One of the many things in life that break you. People have found the ability to block them out. I can’t do that but also feel somewhat powerless to help them.

Enoch Magazine ) Often in America we have religion pushed upon us but these are the very same people aren’t living what they preach. Jesus often spoke about this in the Bible. What’s your perception of Jesus and how did you arrive at it.

Joey ) I don’t believe in Jesus or the idea that he, if he were a man that existed and not just a written character, transcended the physical boundaries of science and human potential. My perception is, the negatives of religion outweigh the positives for our world. Too many wars in the name of, etc., etc. For the most part the Bible is not creditable. There have been many convenient additions to the story throughout history, Satan for example, and there are too many conflicting interpretations. This is an endless discussion or argument. The world needs more atheist to balance the scale and allow us to purely base our decisions on the benefit of mankind.

Enoch Magazine ) There are so many organizations that people can support. Are their any organizations that you support or any organizations that you believe in their cause.

Joey ) Some environmental organizations. I donate once a year to a few. I’m in Europe and sadly my memory is so bad, I’m blanking. Sierra Club, The California Environmental agency or something like that.

Enoch Magazine ) Growing up, what jobs did your parents have? And did those occupations lend themselves to any funny or unique situations that you’ll always remember?

Joey ) My father was a Physicist and my mother raised three kids then worked in Hospice and later did some minor work in local Democrat politics.

Enoch Magazine ) What are some of your favorite tv shows, podcasts, or movies that you enjoy and why?

Joey ) I like 30 Rock, Criminal Minds. Shows like those are easy to process and allow me to turn my brain off. I only watch TV sometimes at the end of the day and I am usually tired and just want escape. My favorites are The Wire, Six Feet Under, Dexter, Rescue Me.

Joey ) I actually really like White Castle. Living in Los Angeles I only get to enjoy it when I travel to the East Coast. What obscure or mainstream fast food are you down with? I guess Taco Bell. I don’t really like Fast Food these days.

Enoch Magazine ) I’ll end with this terrible question. I grew up playing with Heman, watching Dukes of Hazard, and playing Legos. What are some toys and tv shows you enjoyed growing up and why?

Joey ) The Dukes were cool. I liked Hot Wheels. The Twilight Zone, The Six Million Dollar Man, Mash, Barney Miller, The Love Boat, Fantasy Island, Hill Street Blues

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