Ilia with Melissa and Brittney


Brandon Ryan interviews Melissa and Brittney from Ilia

Enoch Magazine ) Melissa and Brittney how are you guys doing? My first question is for Brittney, is your last name really Mosher? If so that is pretty B.A. And how was it like trying out for the band, were you at all nervous?

Melissa ) ha ha ha… all you britt!!

Brittney ) I am doing so splendid, thank you for asking!

To the first part of your question….no. I was forced to change my name when I joined the band..
Second part…absolutely not. I only felt nervous ’til after I joined.
Totally kidding. Yeah my last name is really, truly Mosher.

The girls were really great during the whole audition process. It was really laid back and chill, mainly just getting to know each other to see if we meshed. I was a little nervous, for obvious reasons, but it wasn’t too bad.

Enoch Magazine ) Wow, Brittney you just got all kinds of jokes don’t ya!? You think your funny? Have you ever considered a side gig in stand up comedy?

Brittney ) No. But I think I can be slightly humorous at random times. I would fail miserably at stand up; I am terrible at telling knock, knock jokes.

(I’ll be serious now, scouts honor )

Enoch Magazine ) Melissa, please tell me about the bands name.. It’s a hebrew name for God, I’d like to think I know most of the hebrew names, but I’ve never ever heard of Illia. Please explain my oh so smart friend. (We are friends right?) HAHA

Melissa ) Ha.. sure were are friends ha ha ha.. ok so ilia is a Hebrew name for a person and it means “God is Lord”.. We found it on a website for hebrew names cause we wanted something original that meant something so we all decided on that one!!

Enoch Magazine ) Sweet, thank you for the clarification. Can both of you wonderful rockers give me a summary of how you came to faith in God?

Brittney ) I grew up in a family strong in faith, so that really was a blessing. I am fully aware that it was only by the Holy Spirit tugging my heart strings that I came to faith though. I came to faith in God when I was really little, but it was not until around age ten that I really started pursuing God; the same time I started teaching myself guitar and writing music.

Melissa ) Well I was born into a Christian home so I was always taught there was a God and that He loved me… so I always knew that, but I suppose I did not start believing it till I went to a summer camp when I was like 12 or 13 and God just encountered my heart.. and gave me a hunger to pursue him and to pursue a relationship with him.. so yeah and every day is a struggle to stay connected, but it is also a Joy to continue to go deeper with Him!! but that does not mean my life was perfect or that nothing ever happened to me cause I have my issues!!

Enoch Magazine ) Yeah that’s true Melissa we all do have our struggles in life, would you mind talking about them? (You too miss Mosher girl)

Brittney ) oh man, so many different struggles. I mean, there are what I would loosely call “universal” ones that come at different points of our lives, there are the the personal ones, the ones that involve being an artist… I think the point to make is that yeah, we all have struggles but its how we deal with them that kind of shapes everything, if that makes sense.

One thing I struggle with, which could fit both into the personal and artist category is that I’m a major perfectionist. Being a perfectionist, especially when it concerns you as an artist really can take its toll in all aspects; spiritually, emotionally, puts a lot of doubts in your heart and misconceptions of your creative spirit and your identity as a person and that part of you that is Artist, not to mention a lot of stress which effects your art. It can be really damaging. I have definitely gotten a lot better on handling perfectionism and learning how to be gracious to myself over the years, and I think going to a music college and being around all these great musicians, but being able to create in a relatively (you can still feel insecure and unsafe around yourself!) safe environment has definitely helped a lot. I am my biggest critic. I have always had that “tough skin” when it comes to critique from others, I actually welcome it, but when it comes to myself..I think only I can critique, judge, and condemn myself as well as I do (Simon has nothing on me!)

But yeah, like I said it’s how we handle these struggles that is important. Sometimes by grace, your greatest weakness can be your greatest strength.

(sorry that was so long Brandon!)

Melissa ) well ha ha ha.. with out getting too personal… ha ha Like for right now I am working a 9 to five job and taking a class in school… Which these are things that I never really wanted to do cause I love the road and miss it lots, but you know you just have to everyday give that to God and believe everything is for a reason… and I have already seen how He is in even this season of my life as well as good ones!! I am learning a lot.. stuff that I probably would not learn otherwise… and you know the usual stuff as well.. Just being prideful all the selfish stuff I want out of my life so more of God can fit!! finding time to spend with God!! you know I am pretty normal person with the same normal struggles..

Enoch Magazine ) There seems to be a wave or movement in my eyes of bands, that are really taking a stand in the Christian music scene and industry. Focusing mainly on Christians and Christian venues, shying away from the mainstream. Being that your band is a “ministry” do you see yourselves just focusing on mainly on your Christian fans?

Melissa ) oh it is all good I like the original questions better then the regular anyway.. makes you think more… I am currently hooked on the Almost’ new album Monster Monster… Phil Wickhem’s new one.. Paper Route.. those are my fav’s for the time.. I also put my Ipod and shuffle a lot.. so I get some UnderOath and Thrice thrown in ha ha ha!!!
while I think it is important to focus on all your fans I don’t think it should be just Christians.. I mean that is totally fine and all and I mean we are Christian people so that’s where we will land sometimes, but I don’t think is should ever be limited to just that.. I mean Jesus’ told us in the bible to go into all the nations to make disciples.. I don’t think he meant hey go tell the people who know about me about me again.. especially when only one nation knew of him at the time… So I think every “christian” band should really be focused on reaching all kinds of people!! I don’t think staying in the “christian industry” should matter as long as you are reaching kids who need Jesus! ha ha I could really get on my soap box but I wont ha ha ha ha.. so all in all I don’t see my band focusing on just “christian” fans we love them too.. but I know the heart of my best friends that are in the band with me.. and we all have a passion for “all the nations” to share Jesus with the people that might not normally hear about him!!

Enoch Magazine ) What do you think about people who have never heard about Jesus and the Bible, entering Heaven?

Melissa ) That is a hard question to answer cause we don’t really know how things work in that case cause there are tons of babies that are aborted and did they go to heaven?? I mean you know we don’t really know. I would like to think so, but I suppose if they were never given the option it is possible they may not go to heaven.. so I think we should think that they wouldn’t so we will share jesus with everyone…

Sorry I got all confused ha ha

Enoch Magazine ) Hahaha sorry for the loaded question you guys.. It’s my job to ask the tough questions. Anyway! What are you guys listening to currently?

Brittney ) that is good though.
Currently, I’m listening to T&S, Saosin, and Darien Clea.
I am constantly listening though, songs from here and there from different genres, etc. A little snippet about me: I try to never limit myself and try to pull creative nuggets from a lot of sources (including jazz, classical..) so listening to music is hardly ever a passive experience for me.

Melissa )
oh it is all good I like the original questions better then the regular anyway.. makes you think more… I am currently hooked on the Almost’ new album Monster Monster… Phil Wickhem’s new one.. Paper Route.. those are my fav’s for the time.. I also put my Ipod and shuffle a lot.. so I get some Underoath and Thrice thrown in ha hahaha!!!

Enoch Magazine ) Wow you guys have an awesome taste of music. So I hear that the band is working on a new record, do you think the new tunes will still be heavy sounding? Even though you guys are still missing a lead vocalist, I’d love more screams thrown in!

Melissa ) Umm I don’t think at this point if we will be still as heavy.. now I am a do love to jam out so I hope the songs will be some good solid rock!! but I like pretty stuff too ha ha ha.. but I am totally for some screams still but I just don’t know if it will be as much as it used to be… ha ha I hope this makes sense I feel like it is all over the place!!!

Brittney )
Whatever we do, it is going to be slightly different, in the best way I believe. People will still be able to tell that “yeah, that is still Ilia” but I think it is going to be more, refined? A little more experimental maybe as well. We are still going to keep to the roots of the band, but like any band that grows, you will be able to see changes and improvements, and having new members (me and future lead vocalist) will kind of add a new feel as well. We’re excited to see what happens and so far the writing process has gone really well I think.

Enoch Magazine ) Wow Brittney you really saved the day for me, I think that your band has the chance to really stand out in the industry.Is there a particular label you guys would like to be signed to? How is the search for the new singer going? And.. Is there anything you guys would like to say to our readers?

Melissa )
Umm I would like to be signed to the label that will help us out!! one where I will not have to pay millions of dollars to be signed to it!! ha ha ha… I don’t really have a preference.. I just don’t want to hurry up and sign something then get screwed over.. thats why we have yet to sign ha ha!! but if one comes a long who will really help us out I am down!! ha ha

Lead singer search is slow ha.. I wish I could say more, but it has been a rough go at it this time around… and I would like to say if you feel God has a calling on your life don’t let fear get in your way if it is from God he is going to make it happen so have faith in him.. and pursue it!! and I encourage you guys to get into the word and get to know Him!!!

Brittney ) 1) no particular label, but it would have to be the right and perfect fit (obviously…:) A lot of creative wiggle room, a solid “future-stable” deal, and acting more like a partnership are what I personally would take as going in a positive direction. Any takers? Haha, safe to say, we are not ignorant when it comes to labels and we are being wise when it comes to working with them.
2) I think it is always tough trying to find new members; not only who fit the style, but also mesh really well and have the same vision. It is going slower than we would like it to go, but we have absolute faith that God has it and He will bring us the right girl at exactly the right time.
3) I would like to ask if you all could keep us in your prayers as we search for a new singer and write/record a new record. And a big thank you for all of you Ilia fans that have supported Ilia over the years and are still sticking around even in this phase!

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