Brian Welch Interview

Brandon Ryan interviews Brian Welch

Enoch Magazine) Who are some of your favorite bands of today?

Brian Welch: I like Leeland, Underoath, Coldplay and instrumental music that takes me to another place.

Enoch Magazine) Do you still get more hate mail from people, regarding your video for Flush?

Brian Welch: It’s pretty much calmed down now.

Enoch Magazine) What is going to be the next single off your album?

Brian Welch: I’d like to choose the song “Money.” It’s one of my favorites and it kind of goes with the financial crisis going on in the world today.

Enoch Magazine) Have you ever considered opening a skate-Church so kids can have a safe place to do what they love, and still get to know that God loves them?

Brian Welch: I thought about that when I first got saved, but I don’t know if that’s my calling in life.

Enoch Magazine) Did you ever get a response from 50 Cent in regards to the song Home?

Brian Welch: Nope, he’s too rich and famous to care about crazy Christians.

Enoch Magazine) You speak very openly about your own struggle with depression, addiction and suicidal thoughts. Do those thoughts or urges come up in life anymore, and if so, how do you deal with them?

Brian Welch: I battle with depression once in a while and it sucks when it comes. I’m trying antidepressants to help me, so we’ll see what that does. Addiction comes into my life too, but not with drugs. I sometimes go on sugar eating binges for a day or two when I get depressed. I also go on TV binges and sleep a lot when I get depressed. It’s not as bad as drugs and alcohol, but it still makes me feel like crap.

Enoch Magazine) What do you say to someone who has done the church thing, said all the prayers, fasted, heard a all the sermons and yet has never experienced the “Presence of God”?

Brian Welch: Find worship music that you like and sing the worship songs to God every day alone at home and he will show up. Keep trying and read the Bible while talking to God. It will happen if they don’t give up.

Enoch Magazine) Why do you suppose that life seems easier for some, and painful for others?

Brian Welch: I don’t know. It probably has a lot to do with our childhoods. Only God knows that stuff.

Enoch Magazine) What’s your favorite food?

Brian Welch: It used to be cheese, but I gave it up because I wanted to sacrifice something for God. Now it’s probably turkey burgers.

Enoch Magazine) Your story is really captivating to me, as a fellow author I have a deep respect for people who are not afraid to show their souls to the world. Would you mind if I sent you a copy of my own book? (I know, shameless promotion!)

Brian Welch: Of course! Thanks.

Any last words for our readers?

Brian Welch: Thanks for all your support and thank you for the interview.

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  1. Carter,

    I miss you, man! The wedding was stellar. Trying to get adjusted to the whole married thang is pretty hard…a lot tougher than both of us expected. Anywho, just wanted to holler at you.

    No hard feelings!

    One love in Christ,

    Paul Gentilini

    ps. I still want to get up with you and make some music.

  2. Debora says:

    Oh, about the FLUSH video, well, you’ll have to admit that it is kinda shocking, at least it is to me! I like the song, though. It was funny that you gave up cheese for GOD, for that alone I’d marry you! lol

    By the way, the song Save me from myself in one of your concerts, the part: “Father, thank You, Father, I live for you now!” That has become a diving shout out among my fellas!

    May GOD keep on blessing you!
    I’d say “I love you” Like those crazy fans, but I can’t love what I don’t know, but as a brother in Christ, I know who you are and I love you!

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