Bedouin Soundclash Interview with Jay Malinowski


Nate Smith interviews Jay Malinowski

I recently had the chance to sit down with Jay from Bedouin Soundclash when they were on tour with No Doubt in Kansas City. Jay is from Canada and is was interesting to hear how they help the drug addicted homeless.

Enoch Magazine ) Our magazine just got back from showing Los Angeles where we were showing a documentary about the homeless on Skid Row. Earlier you were telling me about programs that they have in Vancouver, Canada for the homeless.

Jay ) They have a program in Vancouver called insight. Its basically gives comfort to heroin and meth addicts. The lower side of Vancouver is impoverished with the amount of trafficking that comes through and they have started a program that is a safe needle exchange program for addicts to inject whatever they poison may be around healthcare workers that’s paid for by the government and the taxpayers of Canada. Bedouin did a bunch of charity events for the program in September and October of last year.

Enoch Magazine ) Have you had any experience with the homeless while on this tour with No Doubt?

Jay ) Whenever your on tour you always have experiences with the homeless. It seems to go hand in hand that the venues will always be in the worst areas of the city. The No Doubt tour always seems to be in nice places but when we do our own shows there is always the bum that wants to come up on the bus who will shout obscenities at you when you don’t give them money or don’t give them a bunk to sleep on.


Enoch Magazine )You’ve been playing music a long time now what would you do if you weren’t playing music. Is there a certain job you would have?


Jay ) I definitely would not be doing anything I consider a job. I could never hold down a job as a kid. I’d always have jobs for two weeks and I either got fired or didn’t show up. I went to art school so I’d probably be painting. I was painting before we started the band and I think I’d like to go back to that, or write music for other people. I would definately be doing something creative. If I had to show up 9-5 I would not be able to do it. It seems I have to 15 minutes late for everything. It’s hard I salute those with 9 -5 jobs. We’re part of the ME generation. We don’t wanna work, want to have a lot money, security, credit cards but we don’t want to work. As long as your doing something you love you can’t call it a job.

Enoch Magazine ) I’ve found as I travel a lot of the homeless have really been into Jesus. These are people who are at the lowest level of their life but they claim Christ. What’s your perception of Jesus and how did you get that perception?

Jay ) I’m spiritual in a certain way but I’ve never liked the way organized religions have been treated historically whether it’s Jesus, Allah, or whoever. With Religion I always think that during dark times its a fertile ground for religious fervor. Whether your looking at extremist Muslims or extremist Christians. I’m not saying there all part of that but you always have to ask yourself why did this happen to me. I think its evil. You go crazy thinking its just random and there wasn’t a bigger picture or something.

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