Brother Sean, Homeless Missionary

Brother Sean Rogers is an odd guy. You might say he looks and acts differently than most. He’s poor, he’s persistent and he’s always happy. When Sean speaks at schools or events, he admits that he IS a crazy person. He has no family, no money, no job, a truck, a walking staff and a relationship with God. Sean serves God each day from morning to night. You’ve heard the phrase “Love on People?” Sean actually does this full time. He works with the homeless, visits aids patients, eats with the ‘druggies,’ witnesses to the gay community, and is active in the Catholic Church… Here’s “7 Questions” with a guy we love.

Enoch Magazine : Brother Sean, you currently reside in Atlanta Georgia. Why is Atlanta is the place for you and why do you call yourself “Brother” Sean.

Brother Sean Rogers : Atlanta seems to be where the good Lord wants me at the present time. It seems He has plans for me to continue sharing the magic of this work in the Archdioceses of Atlanta. I have been active in outreach projects with the Catholic Center at Georgia Tech and in the upcoming school year I am expecting to add people from Georgia State’s Catholic Student Union. The work is taking root in the minds of high school, college and young adults and then they go on to create other programs based on the model we provide. So Atlanta has taken root it seems and more and more parishes and churches are wanting to participate in the efforts I have been leading! People began to call me Brother Sean early in my work, but now that I am in the process of forming an order in the Catholic Church, I am now recognized as a Roman Catholic Brother who has dedicated my life to service to Christ and His Church. I live with a broken heart for the poor and will no doubt spend the rest of my life in service to the least of these.

Enoch Magazine : You are a devout Catholic. Are you also a Christian? What is your take on Christianity vs Catholicism?

Brother Sean Rogers : Jesus told Peter, you are my rock and upon that rock I will build my church. St. Peter went on to share the Good News of Salvation to the Pagan cultures of Rome and was the first Bishop of Rome. This is the foundation of the Roman Catholic Church. Today Pope Benedict XVI sits upon the throne of Peter as the Bishop of Rome and Pope. The Roman Catholic Faith is centered around Christ in all aspects of our worship. And the pinnacle of our faith in the Blessed Sacrament of the Eucharist we receive the body and blood of Christ in the communion of the Mass. So to answer the question simply, yes, Roman Catholics are very Christian. It is certainly sad that we as the Body of Christ do not come to the same table and receive the same communion. I pray for the day when those denominations find the ability to reconcile with the Universal church based in Rome. The Roman Catholic Church with all its sins still serves the faithful around the world. Separation does not serve God in this condition.

Enoch Magazine : Helping the homeless is your full time job. Give us a rundown of a typical day for you.

Brother Sean Rogers : I tend to set mornings for meetings with various donors, people wishing to help provide food, hydration and clothing resources, volunteers and those that might like to take leadership roles, and of course requested time with various clergy encouraging participation in their church or parish. I make every effort to attend Mass each day at one of the inner city parishes. From mid-afternoon on, you will usually find me on the streets either sharing food, water or clothing resources, loving everyone we come in contact with. These events are often joined by volunteers. This work can keep me out and working with the poor as late as midnight on most days. I also pick up a flock of “shut ins” that are sick and unable to care for themselves. We try to make time for these dear folks each day to insure they are eating well and not in need of medical attention. So as you can see, my days are extremely busy!

Enoch Magazine : Are you funded? How do you survive financially, and why do you continue to do the things you do?

Brother Sean Rogers : I like to tell folks that I sing for my supper which is not too far from the truth. We rely on the generosity of normal everyday folks to sustain us in our financial needs. We are always looking for ways to improve our financial condition and when the Lord is ready for us to have such resources I am certain we will have them.

Enoch Magazine : You recently made a profound statement online concerning the Catholic Priest scandal. What did you say?

Brother Sean Rogers : Aside from openly encouraging the clergy accused of these outrages and be put through a perp walk and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law… (Once behind the prison walls these men are free to pursue their priestly vocation in jail), Below is the statement I made over a year ago:
:”I pray that the Holy Father will demand transparency and allow every piece of information on this matter to be open to public scrutiny. I pray that he will also demand accountability which will indeed find many priests and bishops incarcerated for the criminal acts they have participated in. I pray the Holy Father then demonstrates the Christian Humility that is needed to combat our sinful Pride and just admit that this has been a difficult issue that was not handled well out of an inadequate understanding and a lack of faith. The church need not defend itself in the face of such scandals but embrace surrender as it purges this behavior from its midst.

Christ told Peter that he was the rock and upon that rock this Church has been built. We must have the faith to know that the gates of Hell will not prevail against it. The time of Reconciliation is upon our Church and the longer we resist it the longer it will persist. Until our Church surrenders itself to God and reconciles its sinful nature it will not realize its own power nor will it enjoy the Grace that God provides.

I reach out in profound sorrow and anguish as I seek forgiveness as a Roman Catholic from those that have been harmed by the clergy that serve His Church. I want them to understand that I will continue to stand for their healing from the injury that was inflicted upon them. I want them to know that I love them and they do matter to me. I will continue to pray for God’s Grace to embrace them so that the hurt they have experienced will be extinguished from their lives.

In Christ’s Peace and Love,
I remain His humble and faithful servant.”

Enoch Magazine : If someone where wanting to get involved with homeless outreach or another similar outreach, what are some basic “do’s” and “don’ts?”

Brother Sean Rogers : I tell people to leave their opinion at home as it is usually wrong. Many people believe they know what causes someone to be homeless, but they don’t. All we will ever know is that something happened in that persons life that confronted them. No matter what that something is or how insignificant we may feel that something is, it stopped them in their lives and its very real to them. So love them is all that we are capable of doing and that means we must accept them as they are and as they are not. I also encourage folks to not bring an agenda with them onto the streets such as fixing people, because we cannot. Only God can do that and from our perspective their not broken. I also encourage volunteers to not try to convert people to Christianity. Just be Christ to the people you meet and He will take care of conversion. And most importantly, I encourage people to give up being out on the streets because they want to contribute to others or make a difference in their lives. In fact, I tell them to do just the opposite and allow those we meet to contribute to us. Allow them to make a difference in your life. Those simple acts of receiving contribution from the poor allows them to get present to their own dignity and their own capacity to change the world. This is usually the crucial ingredient so many need in order to move forward in their lives.

Enoch Magazine : How should one go about searching for God if they don’t believe in Jesus, or the Bible.

Brother Sean Rogers : The lives of saints often inspire us to a closer relationship with God. There are so many that are on the pathway to Sainthood in their lives by their actions. Many Roman Catholic Sisters aka Nuns and Brothers dedicate their lives to Christ and provide in their being a living manifestation of the existence of God. So I encourage these folks to open their hearts and minds and pursue the inquiry by watching the example of God’s servants at work here in our world today.

Sean’s Ministry is called Deep Waters. Check out the amazing stories on his blog and see how you can get involved!

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