Skid Row – Part Deux

Enoch Magazine is back helping the homeless in Skid Row in Downtown Los Angeles. Last March we took our first journey to help the homeless and we’re back to continue the work we started. Listen to Brandt Russo as he talks about the overwhelming experience of people reacting to our Skid Row Trip.

Screwed in Art Show St Louis

Art is seen and interpreted by people in many different ways. I consider myself someone who appreciates art, but what I may think is beautiful…others may think is terrible..
It’s all about the eye of the beholder.

This past summer Enoch Magazine was in St Louis and we stumbled across the Screwed In Art Show.It was about midnight and we had just finished filming the Less Than Jake concert….

Scotland Skateboard EP 1-5

Enoch Magazine went to Scotland. Carter Theis, Daniel Libby and Alex Brownley flew up there to hook up with skateboarder/missionary David Reasbeck, (or REZ-BEK). David was already working on a newly formed skate church with some other missionaries from Globe Missions. These videos contain interviews with Dave, skateboarding sessions and local kids we met while we were…

Less Than Jake – EP 1 – Summon Monsters

Enoch Magazine travels to St. Louis to interview Vinnie from Less Than Jake and film their live show at the Pageant Theater. Watch them perform Summon Monsters off their new album and listen to Vinnie’s experiences with the homeless In Cleveland.

Skid Row – Pastor Ron

The second half of our first trip was spent meeting with known figures in the community such as Pastor Ron. We learned that the first real need for Skid Row is to assist those who are already down there working everyday to make a difference in people’s lives. Most of them are under funded. Nevertheless, they have dedicated their lives to assisting the poor and the addicted.

No Use For a Name episodes 1-3

No Use for a Name has been making Punk Rock Music for over 20 years. They have toured the world, released 9 studio albums, and plan on playing music until they die. Enoch Magazine had the chance to interview and film their live show in Kansas City when they opened up for Nofx at the Beaumont.

Las Vegas Secrets with The Higher

Seth Trotter, from the Higher was more than happy to talk with Enoch Magazine at Warped Tour this past summer. Along with the video interview read the interview where Reggie Boo, from the Higher reveals all his Las Vegas Secret; where to eat and where to gamble!!

Skid Row is Holyground Trailer

Enoch Magazine went to Skid Row, downtown Los Angeles in March of 2008. We filmed a documentary with 8 guys from different cities who decided to be a part of this crazy experience. If you don’t know, Skid Row is about an 8 block radius, where over 10,000 homeless people live, either on the streets, in shelters or missions.

Warped Tour: Norma Jean Interview

Enoch Magazine sits down with Cory Brandan of Norma Jean, while he’s on tour with Warped Tour ’08. Nate Smith asks Cory about Norma Jean’s latest album release “The Anti-Mother,” as well as discusses issues of religion, Jesus, gas prices, homelessness and behind the scenes Warped Tour rituals. Also check out the Norma Jean’s “The […]