MXPX Live Show and Interview EP 1

Enoch Magazine was given the opportunity to hang out with MXPX and film a concert they did at a venue called The Foundry in Joplin, MO. It was kinda off the map for us and on our way there, we stopped off to get some gas and view the local Amish! We tried to sneak some video of them, but they were totally staring at us …

Anarbor Interview in Las Vegas
Take Action Tour

Enoch Magazine made it’s first trip to Las Vegas. But before our trip ended, we were able to go backstage at House of Blues, Mandalay Bay and interview four bands from the Take Action Tour. All four bands (Anarbor, Meg and Dia, Breathe Carolina and Every Avenue) were super nice and we had a great time getting to know them and seeing a glimpse of their world.

Shane Claiborne Interview at Area 15

Enoch Magazine interviewed Shane Claiborne as he traveled through the southeast. Shane had just gotten back from Australia, when he rolled though Charlotte, NC. His entourage consisted only of his mother and he spoke two days at the Christian-based artist colony in downtown Charlotte known as Area 15. Shane is a well known author of popular books like The Irresistible Revolution and Jesus for President.

Lightheaded Tour Documentary: Braille, Othello & Ohmega Watts – Episode 1

When Enoch Magazine first formed, it unknowingly happened on this trip. We heard that the hiphop trio Lightheaded, featuring Braille, Othello and Ohmega Watts, were regrouping for a 4-day tour down the Northwest. They performed in Bellingham, WA., Seattle, Portland and Eugene, OR.

Von G and Corrin’s Skid Row Journal

So me and my brotha Von arrived at skid row around 3:30 p.m. We decided to read some of the word before heading out on to the streets because we didn’t know what we were going to encounter. The one scripture that was our motivation was Matthew chapter 10 when Jesus sent his disciples out two by two to preach that the kingdom of God was at hand and that is exactly what me and Von were doing. Our mission was to preach the gospel to anybody who wanted to hear it.

Punk Rock Vs The Church

When I was in 7th grade I discovered my first Bad Religion CD, Stranger than Fiction. From that day on I began my journey as a young kid who would find a passion for Punk Rock. I loved what these Punk Bands had to say. What really attracted me to Bad Religion was what they were singing about. They addressed issues in their songs that I never heard about in church or Sunday School.

Skid Row – Part Deux – Arrival

Joel Maslin is one of our Enoch Team members. He journeyed with us the first time to Skid Row and now he has returned. It’s very hard to capture 90% of what happens when we travel to Skid Row. Most of the team prefers to walk around and talk with people. The other side of our team is working on filming and editing. But Joel fits right in between, or rather, he fits no category.

Every Time I Die Interview with Keith Buckley

Enoch Magazine had the chance to interview Keith Buckley from Every Time I Die at Warped Tour this past summer. Watch the interview as Keith talks about homelessness and how a priest’s actions are the reason the doesn’t believe in God.

Interview with Karl – Homeless in Atlanta

Enoch Magazine traveled to Atlanta Georgia in early December to document a street minister named Sean Rogers. It was outside a homeless shelter that I ran into Karl. Certainly, the first thing you notice about Karl is his swollen eye. He told me he had been robbed and beaten with a metal pipe the previous night, but he also admitted that he shouldn’t have been where he was when he was…