Motion City Soundtrack Interview Warped Tour 2013 – Recording, 3 Albums to Own, Religion

Motion City Soundtrack is a band that everyone has heard of. Enoch Magazine got the opportunity to meet Joshua Cain and Matthew Taylor while on tour on the 2013 Vans Warped Tour. They talk about 3 albums every kid needs to own, recording their first album with producer and engineer Ed Rose, and Religion. They […]

Outasight Warped Tour 2013 Interview – Childhood, Influences, Love of Music, Religion

Outasight’s “Tonight Is The Night” song went Platinum. Enoch Magazine interviewed the pop artist/producer/emcee Outasight at the Vans Warped Tour 2013, and filmed his live performance. “Tonight Is The Night” (the official platinum single) certainly rocked the crowd, but the entire set was top notch. In the interview, Outasight answers: How his love of music […]

You Me at Six Interview with Josh Franceschi and Max Helyer

Enoch Magazine had the chance to chat with Josh Franceschi and Max Helyer from You Me at Six (Astralwerks) while they were touring the United States. They talk about the touring the UK vs The United States. They also chat about the differences with the Homeless in the UK versus the United States. Enoch Magazine […]

Of Mice & Men interview: Warped Tour, Promoting your band, homeless, Jesus

Enoch Magazine travels to the VANS Warped Tour each year to interview as many bands as possible. In this interview, Austin Carlile (vocals), Valentino Arteaga (drums), and Alan Ashby (guitar) from the band Of Mice and Men talk about: what their parents think about the music they play, their first Warped Tour experiences, their involvement […]

Warped Tour 2013 – FIRST EVER Quadcopter Drone Concert Footage

Enoch Magazine: Vans Warped Tour 2013 Interviews, Live footage and FIRST ever drone footage using the DJI Phantom Quadcopter with mounted GoPro Hero 3 Silver camera. (featured on Fox News Channel) Every year, Enoch Magazine travels to the VANS Warped Tour in California. This year, we decided to present Warped Tour from a different perspective…literally! […]

Anti-Flag Interview – “Politics, Religious People, Punk Rock”

Enoch Magazine interviews Pat Thetic, drummer of Anti-Flag and all around great guy. Pat answers questions about drumming, his experiences with the homeless, his thoughts on Jesus and religious people, punk rock music and the message or persona that is Anti Flag.

Enoch Magazine TV Show – REVtv Episode 3

This is a different kind of “christian” TV show. NOT made by a church or pastor or youth leader. Just some guys in their 20′s and 30′s that felt like shooting some videos about Christianity and how it may relate to musicians, gamers, drug and alcohol recovery programs, and the homeless. So whether you’re religious […]

Do Churches Help the Homeless?

One thing every Christian FAILS at is caring for the poor. We all know we are supposed to love and care for the poor, because the Bible says to do it. Christ commands it. But many times it seems too overwhelming for Christians. Most Christians are not taught ‘HOW’ to care for the poor, neither […]

We Are The Ocean – Haunted Recording Studio and Fried Slice!

As we were preparing for our band interviews on the Vans Warped Tour, we noticed this band called We Are The Ocean. To us, that was the oddest band name we had ever heard. We looked up their website and watched some of their music videos. The name was just so odd, we thought they […]