Ludo Interview with Tim Convoy

Nate Smith interviews keyboardist Tim Convoy Enoch Magazine ) What are some of your favorite tv shows, podcasts, or movies that you enjoy and why? Tim Convoy : On TV I like, The Shield, The Office, and Mad Men. As far as podcasts, there’s a band called Tally Hall that has the most amazing internet […]

Anarbor Interview with Mike Kitlas

Coutney Fry interviews guitarist Mike Kitlas Enoch Magazine ) The weather’s heating up over here in Australia, and I’ve noticed that Hopeless Records has teamed you up with label mates All Time Low and a couple of others on a ‘summer sampler’. Do you feel like your sound is summery? Has being label mates with […]

Brian Welch Interview

Brandon Ryan interviews Brian Welch Enoch Magazine) Who are some of your favorite bands of today? Brian Welch: I like Leeland, Underoath, Coldplay and instrumental music that takes me to another place. Enoch Magazine) Do you still get more hate mail from people, regarding your video for Flush? Brian Welch: It’s pretty much calmed down […]

The Classic Crime

Brandon Ryan interviews vocalist Matt MacDonald Enoch Magazine) What are the benefits of being on a indie label? Matt: One of the big benefits is having a personal relationship with the folks at the label. Independent labels are less volatile than majors, so people tend to be employed for longer… It also helps that I […]

Paul Turner

Nate Smith interviews guitarist Paul Turner Enoch Magazine) What is something in Australia that most Americans wouldn’t know about Paul: Australia has the oldest surviving culture in the world: Aboriginals, which are the native Australian people with a history dating back 100,000 years.   Enoch Magazine) Tell about playing with the Orchestra in Portland on […]

12 Stones

Nate Smith Interviews Guitarist John Rimmer

Las Vegas Secrets with The Higher

Seth Trotter, from the Higher was more than happy to talk with Enoch Magazine at Warped Tour this past summer. Along with the video interview read the interview where Reggie Boo, from the Higher reveals all his Las Vegas Secret; where to eat and where to gamble!!

Hit the Lights

Nate Smith interviews guitarist Omar Zehery Enoch Magazine: Who was an influential person in your life that exposed you to music or playing music? OMAR: Green Day started to break when I was in the fourth grade. I was obsessed. My sister was like, “These guys are ok, but THESE GUYS are better.” She gave […]