Strung Out with Jake and Jordan

Enoch Magazine ) So you guys are coming up on 20 years as a band. What is that like reflecting back, that you’ve made a career out of 20 years of playing music? Jake ) It feels good; it doesn’t feel like 20 years. It just feels like maybe 10 years, 15. I mean it’s […]

The Undivided with Tony Byroads

Brandon Ryan interviews Tony Byroads from The Undivided Once again, I have been given the opportunity to interview someone from a band I grew up with. He goes by the name of Tony Byroads, he was originally from the band Crossfade. In this interview tony tells about his old life and his new life, and […]

The Glorious Unseen with Ben Crist

Brandon Ryan interviews Ben Crist of The Glorious Unseen I had the honor to talk with Ben Crist of The Glorious Unseen, it was awesome getting to see inside his mind an heart. He’s got a really big heart, and I hope you can see that through this interview. I’m proud to call Ben my […]

Ok Go with Tim Nordwind

Carter Theis interviews Tim Nordwind, bassist for Ok Go Enoch Magazine ) As far as instruments go, are you guys constantly staying up to date on new products and models, or do find yourselves staying with one guitar or drum kit that you just love. Cause I imagine you can get new equipment whenever you […]

Hawk Nelson with Jason Dunn

Hope Staller interviews Jason Dunn singer of Hawk Nelson / Photos by Edwin Medina Enoch Magazine ) You guys just released a new album. what was the recording and writing process like . also how was it different from your previous album’s? Jason ) Live, Life, Loud was recorded in Nashville, tn. we’ve never done […]

Set Your Goals with Matt and Jordan

Nate Smith interviews Matt and Jordan, co-vocalists for Set Your Goals Enoch Magazine ) The Punk Rock Music style seems to change and redefine itself through the years. What is your definition of Punk Rock and has the original message changed from back in the 70’s? Jordan ) Punk Rock to me is a kind […]

Jacob Vanags Interview

Nate Smith interviews Jacob Vanags Enoch Magazine ) When I first heard your cd I was impressed with the quality of musicianship and lyrical poetry. Can you please tell me about the writing and recording process? Jacob ) Each song I write seems to have its own unique process. I am often influenced to write […]

The Almost with Aaron Gillespie

Brock West interviews Aaron Gillespie from The Almost Enoch Magazine ) I really enjoy the new album. I can’t seem to stop listening to it. Can you tell us a little bit about the title track “Monster Monster” and what it’s about? Aaron ) Thanks!!! the track, “monster, monster” is a track about the darkness […]

We Came As Romans Interview with Andy Glass

Nate Smith interviews Andy Glass, bassist of We Came as Romans Enoch Magazine ) Who was an influential person in your life that exposed you music