Syntax’s – Night Owls 4

Written by Carter Theis This is my first Cd review so you are in for a treat, yes-yes-yall. Syntax is a group of Christian hip-hop dudes that have been around since the beginning. I can remember running into some of these guys sling’n cds and playing odd time slots at concert festivals back in 2000, […]

The Gay Blades – Ghosts

Written by Courtney Fry I’ve got a mission for you. Grab a copy of any popular band that’s popular right now; All Time Low, Panic at the Disco, Paramore, whoever. Now grab a copy of Ghosts by The Gay Blades. Put The Gay Blades carefully at your feet and then throw your other cd as […]

One Day As A Lion – EP

Written by Brandon Ryan So my sister sent me a $20 iTunes gift card. With it, I bought One Day As A Lion, the latest project of Zack De La Rocha (singer of Rage Against The Machine). The project is only a 4 song EP, but its hit single “Wild International” has been getting a […]

Anarbor – The Natural Way

Written by Courtney Fry Living in Australia can be tough when it comes to finding new bands. I miss out on the endless amount of small club gigs, the churn-out of several local bands per-day and crucial up-and-comers at Warped Tour. I think that my small, Australian town has produced a very limited amount of […]

Capital Lights – This is an Outrage

Written by Brandon Ryan Capital Lights’ debut album This Is An Outrage, Is just that, an outrage. Understand that I am an avid believer in the beauty of pop/rock bands such as: Number One Gun, Anberlin, Run Kid Run etc. But this CD really got under my skin, like the annoying kid that runs his […]

The Classic Crime – The Silver Cord

Written by Brandon Ryan With the way the Internet is today, its easy to get a solid fan base before your band even comes close to inking a record label contract. And when a band goes into a recording studio to let loose on their first album, I don’t think there is a lot of […]

Since October – This is my Heart

Written by Brandon Ryan Since October is a band full of aggression and passion. Their debut record This is My Heart was produced by Travis Wyrick and Marcos Curiel of Payable On Death. The album starts off with an amazing bass line that really is in its own league, I mean you can’t even begin […]

Three Miles Out – Nobody

Written by Nate Smith The year was 2030. The radio no longer existed. To hear new music you had to purchase it on the Internet. Quality was a word of the past. Music was regulated by a company named Apple and they seemed to control the world. With the winter months upon me I headed […]

Before There Was Rosalyn – EP

Written by Brandon Ryan On a Saturday afternoon, a white package from Nashville Tennessee, came to my mail box with my name written on it. I sat on the floor in excitement trying to open up the tightly secured envelope. Ripping and tearing at the tap, I dug my finger nails into the first opening […]