Churches House Homeless Familes – Kingdom Center Ventura

The Kingdom Center in Ventura has a proven model for success. If you ever wondered “how to help the homeless,” then here’s the answer. The Kingdom Center uses the resources of a whole city to end homelessness.

For Today Interview – “Music & the Spirit Realm”

Enoch Magazine traveled to Ventura CA for the Vans Warped Tour 2012 to interview hardcore band For Today. Singer Mattie Montgomery and guitarist Ryan Leitru showed up to discuss: where they are musically, living in different states, and their process for writing music. However, after witnessing Mattie preaching to the crowd…

Housing Widows and Orphans – Kingdom Center Oxnard

Enoch Magazine had the privilege of documenting the first Kingdom Center in Ventura CA. Since then, Pastor Sam Gallucci has been given a new building in the city of Oxnard, which he plans on housing homeless women and children. Will Sam be able to unite the churches in Oxnard to pay for this new ministry venture?

Miss May I – Vans Warped Tour 2012 – Angels, Demons & Papa Smurf

Vans Warped tour 2012 update / interview: Enoch Magazine bought up with Levi Benton, singer of the band “Miss May I,” MMI. This rare interview covers: Levi’s beliefs in spiritual things, why Miss May I continues to tour on the Warped Tour 2012, and what experience Levi has had with a homeless man named Papa Smurf.

All Time Low -Warped Tour 2012 – Non-Profits, Religion, Music

Enoch Magazine travels to the VANS Warped Tour 2012 to interview Jack, the guitarist in All Time Low. In this 2012 Interview, Jack discusses: how his band was birthed at Warped Tour, his Greek Orthodox upbringing and belief in Jesus, current tastes in music and the Non-Profit organizations (Invisible Children and Skate for Cancer) that […]

Taking Back Sunday – Interview Warped Tour 2012

Enoch Magazine traveled to the VANS Warped Tour 2012 to compile rare interviews with great bands like Taking Back Sunday. Taking Back Sunday’s spokesman was Shaun Cooper, the bands earlier bassist, who has now since returned. This interview is different than most interviews you will watch because Enoch Magazine asked Shaun questions about: religion, Jesus, […]

We Came As Romans Interview – Are they Christian?

Joshua Moore took the time to chat with Enoch Magazine and answered the question everybody wants to know. Are We came as Romans a Christian Band?

Christian vs Westboro Baptist ‘God Hates Fags’ Church

Westboro Baptist Church hates the Gay Community, Most Churches, and Most Christians. Enoch Magazine met up Westboro Baptist at their protest in Long Beach to find if they really knew the Love of Jesus Christ.

How to Grow Urban Churches – Paul Chan and Francis Chan

World Impact has an exciting new vision to grow urban churches, and the idea was birthed out of the Bay Area of Oakland and San Francisco. Paul Chan (brother of Francis Chan) is the director for World Impact Bay Area, and he has been developing a model to allow suburban churches assist in the growing […]