Emery Interview “Ministry with Bands”

Emery (Tooth and Nail Records) has been putting out solid records for years. Their sound has remained the same, they tour relentlessly and thier faith is solid. Enoch Magazine had the chance to catch up with Emery (Tooth and Nail Records) in Dallas TX

Ivoryline Interview “Judged by Christ, Not the World”

Enoch Magazine never turns down an interview with Ivoryline. We’ve been friends for a few years now and we were able to catch up with them on their last tour in Dallas, Texas. That had one simple message that they share with power, “judged by Christ, not the world.”

Navigators Visit Angola Prison

Carter Theis was asked to go to Angola State Penitentiary with The Navigators. He was able to film the team ministering to the prisoners, as well as a Jazz Concert that was put on for the men. There was also a Talent Show, Art classes, cell to cell ministry and and interview with Warden Burl […]

Angola Prison Returning Hearts Program

Bill Moritz works for The Navigators; a ministry headquartered in Colorado Springs, CO. But once a year, he travels with friends to do prison ministry at Angola State Penitentiary. On this last trip he brought along Ryan Dobson, who did an interview with Sirvorris Sutton, a father serving a life sentence while working at the prison’s own radio station.

My Style Ambassadors Skateboard Team 2010

My Style Ambassadors is a skateboard company that was birthed out of a vision to reach kids at skateparks. They make their own skateboards, wheels and clothes and they have their own skate team. Every weekend, they are either hosting events at skate parks or busing in ramps to communities without a skate parks. This is John’s testimony…one of the riders for M.S.A.

Union Rescue Mission – You Are the Mission

If you don’t know about Union Rescue Mission they a 10 year plan to end homelessness and they need your help. Union Rescue Mission always needs volunteers to love, feed, and help people experiencing homelessness.

Why Go to Church? Christian Skateboarders

The Enoch Magazine team went down to the famous Bible Bowl in Santa Ana California, and ran into a bunch of pro Skaters. So Carter busted out the camera and Nate asked everybody one question: “Why should you go the church.”

Terrible Things Video Interview

Nate Smith had the chance to talk to with Andy Jackson and Fred Mascherino from the Terrible Things at Warped Tour in Kansas City. Fred and Andy talk about their kids, sleeping in the van, homelessness, and just being experienced musicians on the road. For those of you who dont know Fred Mascherino used to […]

When your Ministry Comes to an End

What does it mean when your ministry comes to an end? After 10 years of running Skate Church in Redwood City CA, Chris Davidson had this happen to him. In this video, Chris Davidson, a Skate Church pastor at Peninsula Covenant Church Redwood City, documents his last day of running skate church. Do to funding […]